Barker Wedding Highlights

This was the second wedding that I have shot as the lead videographer. My friend assisted in capturing the ceremony, and then I soloed the rest of the night. The client loved the video, and I think it really represented their laid-back special day!

La Pasteria Advertisement

This is a short advertisement that I captured for La Pasteria, which will play in the local cinema and on their social media channels. I filmed this during a busy night with a run ‘n’ gun style approach, and I was really pleased with the outcome!

Boise State University Campus Tour

A short campus tour video I created to show people back in Australia! Ran around with my gimbal, Sony a7rii and FE 28mm lens!

Limelight Cinemas – Dogs Day Out

A short video I captured of the two dog sessions of Secret Life of Pets 2. This video is used on social media, and potentially onscreen in the near future. It will be used to promote upcoming dog days at the cinema. Always a fun and hilarious time filming dogs.